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Member Services

Ascend’s Mobile App 

Manage Your Accounts at the Touch of a Button
If you have an iPhone™ or Android™ smart phone or iPad™, then you will find a very powerful account access tool in Ascend’s free and secure mobile app.
With this app, you can literally manage your credit union accounts at the touch of a button:
  • Find the nearest Ascend financial center.
  • Find the nearest fee-free ATM.
  • Monitor your Ascend accounts.
  • Get detailed history for each account.
  • View the front and back of cancelled checks.
  • Transfer money between accounts.
  • Add payees – Pay anyone whom you would normally send a check.
  • Schedule payments.
Get the Ascend app for iPad™ and iPhone™ here.
Get the Ascend app for Android™ here.


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